Thursday, September 8, 2016

New Products Coming Out

As we head into the end of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, we also reach that time of year where some exciting new cycling products start coming out.  Manufacturers are starting to reveal their new stuff for 2017 at some of the big trade shows and events - Eurobike just wrapped up, Interbike is coming up soon, and Kona is often a good opportunity to introduce some new triathlon gear.

Here are a few things that are being introduced that we should be excited about:

Argon 18 is bringing the wind tunnel to your next ride.  The optional body positioning sensors are intriguing.

FSA throws their hat in the electronic shifting ring.  The most interesting aspect of this is the app available to fine-tune your gearing and record your habits.

Wheels are evolving, due to some trends in tire widths, tubeless compatibility, and the increasing availability of disc brakes for road applications.  Lots of new stuff for both on or off-road:

We're seeing some big updates in the power meter world, one of my favorite topics.  I'm hoping to write in some more detail on these soon.  For now:

Winter trainer season is almost here, and some really good stuff is coming out to make it a bit more interesting (I'll be writing more about these soon, too):

While not a new product introduction, the UCI is dropping the 3:1 rule for bike design.  There are a lot of tri bikes that do not conform to the UCI rules out already, but this could open up some doors.

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