Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Peek Inside Vector Cycle Works

It has been a while since I've had some time to write - life is busy at Vector Cycle Works!  In addition to getting to spend time with a lot of great folks doing bike fits, I've also taken some time to do a bit of remodeling.  I thought this might be a good time to give people an idea of what the studio looks like.  How about a quick tour?

The core of Vector Cycle Works is fitting and I am working hard to provide the best fitting experience in the area.  When I look at a bike, I look at the "touch points", including the saddle, pedals, and handlebars.  As you can see in the image above, the saddle selection is one of the key features of Vector Cycle Works, and I currently have 50 different saddles available for demo purposes and/or purchase.  I am a dealer for Cobb, ISM, SQlab, and Profile Design.  Because I firmly believe in helping you find the right saddle for you, I also have saddles from Fi:zi'k, Selle Royal, Chromag, Bontrager, Specialized, and Prologo, even though I am not a dealer for those.  You can see the complete saddle list here.

The yellow spin bike is equipped with a BikeFit SwitchIt, which allows us to try saddles and adjust them very quickly.  When a customer is looking for a saddle, we've tried over 20 saddles in a matter of about 30 minutes, thanks to the speed of the SwitchIt.  It's a really handy tool - if you are not sure if your saddle is right for you, make an appointment and we'll work together to find the right one.  I don't charge for saddle testing.

The spin bike is also equipped with another nice fitting feature - adjustable-length crank arms.  This allows you to try crank arms from 150mm to 190mm long.  For people who are dealing with hip impingements or other limiting injuries, shorter crank arms can make a big difference in your riding comfort.  For those of you looking to get a more aggressive triathlon position, short cranks can allow you to get low while keeping the hips open to save your body for the run.  As a Cobb dealer, I can help you get a Cobb crankset with short crank arms down to 145mm.  As a Power2Max Competence Center, you can take it a step further and get shorter FSA, Rotor, or Campagnolo cranks with a Power2Max Type S power meter.  There are some great options available and I am here to help you with that.

I am also working on machining an adapter for the spin bike to allow us to try different handlebars or aerobars easily.  Vector Cycle Works has a selection of Profile Design, Zipp, EIS, and 3T handlebars, aerobars, basebars, and accessories to help you find the cockpit that is most comfortable and aerodynamic for you.  For example, the Profile Design T+ series provides 4 carbon and 5 aluminum aerobar options. We can work together to dial in your front end, neutralize the wrists and shoulders and provide maximum comfort.

In the middle of the picture above, you may also notice an assortment of insoles.  I carry the SQlab insoles, which I feel are a compelling option for those who need a bit more foot support and/or are dealing with numbness issues.  At $40 a pair, they are also relatively affordable.

Not shown in the picture is the assortment of stems I have available for loan or purchase.  Stems in-house range in length from 60mm to 130mm, with angles of +/-25 degrees, +/-17 degrees, +/- 7 degrees, or +/- 6 degrees.  More are coming soon.  As part of a fitting session, we can use a Salsa Size-O-Matic adjustable stem to emulate the different stems available on the market to find your sweet spot.

Of course, we can't take a tour of a fitting studio without talking about the fitting process.  I use a combination of tools to tailor your fitting session to your needs.  My BikeFit Level 2 certification drives my processes, and other tools like motion capture help enhance those processes.  Bike fitting is very thorough, and you can expect to spend 3 hours here for your initial fitting.

Anyway, that's the quick tour - I hope to see you in here soon!  Book now at https://vectorcycleworks.appointlet.com.