Saturday, July 8, 2017

Free Saddle Testing at Vector Cycle Works

If you are having a hard time find a happy place on your saddle, Vector Cycle Works offers free saddle testing.  The best way to determine if a saddle will work for you is to sit on it!

A saddle test session usually starts off with a quick conversation about your issues and type of riding, a couple of measurements, and then we set up the test bike based on your current bike geometry.  A BikeFit SwitchIt (as shown in the picture above) allows us to change saddles and adjust them quickly - it's not uncommon to go through 20-25 saddles in a saddle testing session, trying to find that one that really feels good.  We can quickly swap saddles and tweak position and angle to get immediate feedback.  Once we find a saddle you like, we'll mount it on your bike for an extended test.

If you are experience discomfort or numbness, and are ready to try something new, you can click here to schedule your free saddle testing session!

Vector Cycle Works is an authorized dealer for several brands including Brooks, Chromag, Cobb Cycling, Fi'zi:k, ISM, Profile Design, Selle Royal, SQlab, and WTB.  Inventory is kept to a minimum, but we can order in other models or colors, as needed.  There are currently over 80 saddles available for testing and there are more coming soon.

This isn't a complete list, but here are some of the saddles that are currently in stock and ready for a test ride:

Chromag Juniper 

Chromag Lynx DT

Chromag Trailmaster DT 

Cobb Fifty-Five
Cobb Gen2

Cobb Max
Cobb Plus
Cobb Plus 2

Cobb Plus DRT

Cobb Randee

Cobb SHC


Cobb VFlow

Fi'zi:k Aliante VS

Fi'zi:k Antares VS

Fi'zi:k Arione VS

Fi'zi:k Mistica
(Regular and Large)
Fi'zi:k Vesta
ISM PL 1.0

ISM PL 1.1

ISM PN 1.0

ISM PN 1.1

ISM PN 2.1

ISM PN 3.0

ISM PR 1.0

ISM PR 2.0

ISM PR 3.0

ISM PS 1.0

ISM PS 1.1 

ISM Road
Profile Design Vertex 80 TT
Selle Royal Scientia Series
(Three Models/Widths: A1, A2, and A3)
SQlab 611 Ergowave Active Series
(4 widths: 12cm, 13cm, 14cm, 15cm)
WTB High Tail Series
3 Levels: Pro, Team, Carbon
WTB Pure Series
5 Levels: Comp, ProGel, Race, Pro, Team

WTB Rocket Series
5 levels: Comp, Race, Pro, Carbon, Team
3 widths: 130mm, 142mm, 150mm

WTB Silverado
3 Levels: Pro, Team, Carbon

WTB Speed
4 Levels: Comp, ProGel, Pro, Team

WTB Speed She
2 Levels: Comp, ProGel

WTB Volt
5 Levels: Comp, Race, Pro, Team, Carbon
3 Widths, depending on level: 135mm, 142mm, 150mm