Friday, January 30, 2015

Interested in Riding with Power?

If you are interested in learning more about power meters, I have some exciting news:  Vector Cycle Works is now a Power2Max competence center.  So, what does that mean?

As a Power2Max competence center, I can help you get a better understanding of power meters and what they can do for you on the bike.  I will consult with you regarding the Power2Max product line.  If you choose to order a power meter through me, installation and support is free with the purchase of the Power2Max power meter.

As always, my goal is to be a cycling performance resource, and while I can get you a Power2Max, we can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of power meters from Quarq, SRM, Garmin, PowerTap, Stages, and others - I try to be unbiased, and will help you find the best solution for you.

If you would like to learn more, call me at 317-833-0702 or e-mail me at  You can also check out the Power2Max website at

Monday, January 26, 2015

Now at Vector Cycle Works - the ISM PN 1.1

One thing I believe in doing as an extension of bike fitting is to provide a good selection of saddles.  Saddles are very individual and being able to provide options to try out is part of my service and the Vector Cycle Works experience.

As promised, I want to introduce new saddles here in the fitting studio at Vector Cycle Works as they come in.  Last week, I got a trio of saddles from ISM Seat, including their new PN 1.1 test model.  you can read what ISM has to say about it here:

ISM has introduced 5 new saddles, and with this, some of them have a new naming convention.  The PN stands for "Performance Narrow", and if you are familiar with some of the other ISM models, you might notice this looks a lot like the Attack.  Matter of fact, when I lay them on top of one another, the profile is basically identical.  The difference lies in the padding - the PN 1.1 uses their 40-level padding, which is like the Prologue.  Basically, it nets out to be a little bit softer version of the very versatile Attack.  

To sweeten the deal, ISM is offering the PN 1.1 for an MSRP of $149.95, which is a little bit lower price point than many of their existing models.  The PN 1.1 comes in three colors - black, white, and pink:

Because of the nature of saddles and how they interact with the human body, it really isn't fair for me to do a review, per se;  I could go out and ride it for months and tell you how wonderful it is, but that doesn't tell you much about how it might work for you.  The only way to really review it is to try it out yourself.  If you would like to check it out, come on in to Vector Cycle Works and check out the growing saddle selection!

Length:  275mm
Max width:  110mm
Rail length (usable):  80mm
Width at centerline:  100mm
Height at centerline:  60mm
Nose width:  50mm
Weight:  N/A (I currently only have a test model, so the weight is not accurate)
MSRP:  $149.95

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Saddles in the Studio!

There is a lot of exciting stuff going on in the Vector Cycle Works studio this week!  Look for news on several new saddles from ISM Seat, SQlab, Chromag, and Selle Royal very soon.

Today, three of the new ISM saddles came in - the PN 1.1 (test version), PR 1.0, and PR 2.0.  I will do a short write-up with some pictures over the next few days.

If you've been wondering if your saddle really is the right one for you, come on in to Vector Cycle Works and check out the selection of saddles available for testing!  Currently, there are 42 different models in stock, and all of them can be borrowed - I just ask for a $100 refundable damage deposit, you can then ride for 2 weeks for free, and $5 for each additional week.  Click here to see the current selection of saddles.