Monday, December 5, 2016

Vector Cycle Works 2.0

Life in the fit studio is as busy as ever, but now there's a bit more room to move.  Over the last month or so, Vector Cycle Works has transitioned to a bigger room in the house.  I thought I would share a few pictures of the new studio - Vector Cycle Works 2.0!

Schedule now at  This is a great time to get fit and ready for 2017.

The new studio gives me more room to work.  I can step back further when observing a fit.  There is still some room for more stuff on the wall, too...

We now have a bit more room for Functional Movement work and body analysis.

Saddle testing and sizing has some dedicated space now.  Handlebars and saddles are closer to the bike, making it a bit more efficient when setting someone up for a test or a bike sizing.  Saddle testing is still free!


  1. Travis, you are the most talented bike fitter that I know.Your gracious demeanor, expert analysis and craftsmanship sets you apart from all...head and shoulders above all.You really rock,sir!

  2. Travis' wholistic approach to the bike fit process is fantastic. He very much cares about your comfort and performance on the bike. I learn something each time I see him.